At Little League Soccer we pride ourselves on commitment, dedication and development. And that doesn’t just apply to our players and teams; coaches too are encouraged to push themselves to be the best teachers they can be. The result? A team of enthusiastic, highly qualified and incredibly able football coaches ready and willing to help Little League players at all age groups and levels. Meet our coaches below.


Andy Johnston

Managing Director
Andy is a young and determined coach who experienced a semi-professional environment as a player at Southampton FC and decided that coaching was a better path for him! Andy has an honours degree in Sports Science from Southampton University, a FA Level 2 coaching licence and over 12 years of coaching experience.

Qualifications: FA Level 2, TOPS at play Coaching Certification, BSc Sports Science


Shazwan Wong

General Manager
Malaysia Shazwan Wong earn his coaching stripes in Shanghai as head coach of Qilin FC. An AFC ‘C’ Licence coach, he has over 12 years of coaching experience across Asia and still relishes the chance to nurture and develop talented young players. Shazwan is also in charge of Little League’s sister club FC Kuala Lumpur.

Qualifications: AFC C, FIFA Grassroot, FAM/MSN Grassroot


Filipe Goncalves

Head Coach
Head coach Filipe started coaching in his home country of Portugal but developed a true passion for teaching football while in the UK. There he earned his FA Level 2 Licence as well as qualifications in personal training. A keen weightlifter, Filipe has a masters degree in Sports and Exercise Science and over six years of coaching experience.

Qualifications: FA Level 2, MSc Sports Science, CSCS National Strength & Conditioning


Little League Soccer's Coach Chris Nathan

Christopher Nathan

Senior Coach Christopher Nathan is head of the Under-8 and Under-16 FCKL teams. An AFC ‘B’ Licence holder and a real student of the game, he is dedicated to helping improve the standard of youth football in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley.

Little League Soccer's Coach Will Kucia

Will Kucia

Former head of the Sungai Buloh Football Academy and now in charge of Little League’s FCKL Under-10s, Will has been coaching since his school days. An inspiring leader, he’s eager to help kids achieve their absolute best.

Assistant Coaches

Little League Soccer coach Abdullah Husni

Abdullah Husni

FAM Preliminary Coaching Certificate
Diploma Sports Management


Mohd Azizi Ishak

BSc Sports Science


Muhd Adam

BSc Sports Science

Little League coach Cyrus

Muhammad Cyrus

A health and fitness enthusiast, Cyrus works with our Little Leaguers to develop skills across the game of football – from ball control to speed and agility.

Little League coach Azmeer Firdaus

Azmeel Firdaus

Waq lives for football and enjoys watching kids learn the fundamental skills of the beautiful game. A keen player himself, Waq is an excellent encourager.


Omran Omar

Coaching History

AFC B, FIFA Grassroot