Who are KV United?

13 Apr 2018 | Recent News

Introducing Little League Soccer and FC Kuala Lumpur’s new senior first team, taking grassroots football development to the next level

There’s a new team in town and many of you will have seen or heard about KV United FC. But just who are KVU, and what’s the connection with Little League Soccer?

‘KV United is actually the first team for [Little League Soccer’s elite programme] FCKL,’ explains head coach Shazwan Wong. ‘What we do here is we try to create a pathway for our youth players where they move from Little League development to FCKL elite and then from FCKL they move on to KV United.’

With KV United, players will then be competing at a higher level, with the club playing in the M5 tier of the Malaysian league and targetting a spot in the 2018 Selangor Champions League. To qualify for the SCL, the team needs to fulfil a number of criteria set out by the competition for Community Clubs.

Among the requirements, KVU is required to show that they have a youth football academy aimed at developing young players; an established grassroots league; a home pitch; and a strong social media following. KV United ticks all four boxes.

Familiar faces

Coach Shazwan isn’t the only recognisable face at KV United for Little League Soccer players and parents. Assisting Shazwan is Coach Azizi, while managing the team is Coach Syazwan. Keen eyes may also notice coaches Naqib, Ashraf and Idan taking to the pitch in the black and gold jersey.

‘We see this as a platform for our Little League and FCKL players,’ says Coach Azizi who also plays in midfield for KVU. ‘Here they can see their future and they can see where they can go after FC Kuala Lumpur.’

Indeed, where the Little League Soccer and FCKL programmes once ended after players reached 16 years old, KV United now offers a serious team with which to train and play at the next level. It’s a natural progression.

Watch: Introducing KV United – Little League Soccer’s new first team

High expectations

KV United’s roots in development football doesn’t mean that the club isn’t serious about success. Team manager Coach Syazwan is keen to see the side winning matches as soon as possible. ‘I would like to go as high as we can with KV United,’ Syazwan says. ‘So winning the Selangor Champions League and then going to the FA Cup. That’s the goal.’

Before the Selangor Champions League comes the start of the M5 tier league, though. Starting towards the end of April will be the Subang Football League where KV United will get their first taste of competitive action. If the friendly matches they’ve played so far are anything to go by (a 2–1 win against Subang United and a 5–2 victory over Bobai FC), we can expect good things from Coach Syazwan’s squad.

Getting involved

So how can Little League Soccer and FCKL players and parents help KV United? For a start, the club is on a mission to achieve 3,000 followers on both Instagram and Facebook. Every ‘Like’ from a Little League Soccer member helps KVU get closer to their Community Club status for Selangor Champions League qualification – and the further they go, the brighter the future for all players in the Little League Soccer community.

We wish the coaches all the best in this latest endeavour and look forward to keeping you updated with the latest KV United news and announcements. Who knows, maybe you’ll be pulling on your own KVU shirt in a few year’s time!