5 Reasons To Join the Little League Goalkeeper Camp

Want to be the next Dino Zoff, Iker Casillas, or Kasper Schmeichel? We’ve got just the thing for you!

The Little League Soccer Summer Goalkeeper Camp offers 3 mornings of specialised goalkeeper coaching at The New Camp, Bandar Utama on 14–16 August. Here are 5 great reasons to register for our first ever goalie-specific training camp!

1. Train with former AirAsia PJ Rangers pro, Coach Visnu Nair

Just for you, we’ve brought in a professional goalkeeper to teach you the ropes on what it takes to be the best between the sticks.

Expect pro-level drills during the camp with the man they call Spiderman, Coach Visnu!

2. It’s KL’s first ever youth goalkeeper training camp!

Goalkeeping is often not the most fancied position, but it is a vital one. We know there are those out there who are looking to know what it takes to be a better goalkeeper.

This camp will provide you all that, and ensure that the focus is on you!

3. Be game ready

With 2019 Season B of the AirAsia KL Junior League and the 6th round of the 2019 Weekend Friendly Series approaching, get signed up for the camp so you’re prepared for the season ahead!

4. Showcase your skills!

Apart from learning and honing your goalkeeping skills, this is where you can showcase what you’ve got!

Who knows, this camp could skyrocket you to a starting position in your academy, or get you into an elite team!

5. Make goalkeeping fun again!

While providing top level drills and tips, the camp will ensure that the learning stays fun, providing 3 mornings of highly enjoyable football at The New Camp, Bandar Utama.

So what are you waiting for? Register now for the Little League Soccer Summer Goalkeeper Camp from 14–16 August 2019!