Gallery: Little League Soccer 2015–2020

In 2020, Little League Soccer turns 20 years old! Join us throughout the year as we look back at some of our favourite moments

As part of Little League Soccer’s 20 year anniversary, we’re looking back at some of the moments that have helped form the academy and build the club into what it is today. This week, join us as we review some of our favourite photos and highlights from the last 5 years.


2015 Little League Bandar Utama

 In May 2015, Little League Soccer opened its brand new training centre at The New Camp, Bandar Utama. Starting with just a handful of players, the centre would eventually grow to be the academy’s largest

2015 KL Junior League by Little League Soccer
2015 KL Junior League by Little League Soccer

In September 2015, Little League Soccer launched the KL Junior League (now the AirAsia KL Junior League), bringing together 32 teams from around the Klang Valley, including our very our FC Kuala Lumpur elite squads


2016 coaching workshops

In 2016, we began a series of workshops and midweek training sessions for our staff, giving coaches a chance to share their knowledge, tips and ideas with each other on a regular basis

2016 Little League Cup Melawati

The 2016 Little League Cup brought together players from Little League Melawati, Little League Bandar Utama and FC Kuala Lumpur. The in-house tournament would later evolve into the Weekend Friendly Series

2016 KL Cup champions

Little League Soccer’s FC Kuala Lumpur Under 8s lifted the very first Kuala Lumpur Cup trophy in March 2016 beating out teams from across Malaysia and Singapore in what’s become the country’s biggest 7-a-side international youth football tournament

2016 Euro Soccer Camp

The Euro Soccer Camp brought the fun and excitement of the European Championships to Little League Soccer Melawati for 4 days and nights in the summer of 2016

2016 Bangkok Super Cup

The gold Little League Soccer crest saw its first outing on the 2016 FC Kuala Lumpur kits, seen here at the Bangkok Super Cup in Thailand

2016 Dignity workshops

In 2016, Little League Soccer teamed up with Dignity For Children to run a series of training sessions for both students and teachers

2016 Champions Cup

In-house tournaments continued throughout 2016, with the Champions Cup another precursor to what we now know as the Weekend Friendly Series

2016 Superstar Soccer Camp

The Superstar Soccer Camp at the end of 2016 set dribbling, passing, shooting and speed challenges and awarded participants with their very own ‘player card’ inspired by the FIFA computer game

2016 End of Season awards

At the end-of-season awards dinner in 2016, Shoma Yukawa picked up the academy’s first Club Man of the Year trophy


2017 friendly matches

Friendly matches between our Melawati and Bandar Utama teams helped kick off the 2017 season

2017 Little League Champions Cup
2017 Little League Champions Cup

Another year, another running of the Little League Cup

2017 Singapore Champions Cup
2017 Singapore Champions Cup
2017 Singapore Champions Cup
2017 Singapore Champions Cup

In May 2017, our Bandar Utama and FC Kuala Lumpur teams travelled to the Singapore Champions Cup where they faced teams from Little League Soccer Singapore and across the island state

2017 Little League Soccer Champions Cup

The Champions Cup rounded out the 2017 season and was the final in-house tournament before the introduction of the official Weekend Friendly Series

2018 Little League Universiti Malaya launch

A new centre is born: Little League Soccer Universiti Malaya opened for trial sessions in December 2017 before its full launch in January 2018


2018 Weekend Friendly Series

The first ever round of the Weekend Friendly Series took place on Saturday 27th January 2018 and featured teams from Little League Soccer Bandar Utama and Little League Soccer Melawati

2018 Eco Ardence launch
2018 Eco Ardence launch
2018 Eco Ardence launch

It was 2 new centres in the space of 2 months when Little League Soccer opened the Eco Ardence academy in February 2018. A round of the Weekend Friendly Series introduced all teams to the new pitch in April that year

2018 Little League Soccer ISKL Melawati

In 2018, Little League Soccer Melawati moved operations to the ISKL Elementary School campus where players now train with one of the most impressive backdrops in KL

2018 Weekend Friendly Series
2018 Weekend Friendly Series

By July 2018, the Weekend Friendly Series had become a staple on the monthly calendar, giving players something to train towards and celebrate as part of their own team

2018 Weekend Friendly Series finals

The Weekend Friendly Series finals in November brought the in-house competition to a close for 2018 with competitive matches and penalty shootouts leading to big celebrations

2018 December holiday camp

The December Holiday Camp saw players ending 2018 on a relaxed note with fun games and lots of matches


2019 coach team building
2019 coach team building
2019 coach team building

2019 got off to a flying start for the Little League Soccer coaches with a pre-season bubble football team building event!

2019 match jerseys

For the first time ever, we challenged Little Leaguers to design the 2019 kits. Players proudly wore their new match jerseys for the first time at the opening round of the 2019 Weekend Friendly Series

2019 Weekend Friendly Series
2019 Weekend Friendly Series
2019 Weekend Friendly Series
2019 Weekend Friendly Series

By June 2019, the Weekend Friendly Series was getting colourful with more and more players opting to represent their academy in the new match kits

Eco Ardence Weekend Friendly Series champions

Champions! Little League Soccer Eco Ardence takes the Weekend Friendly Series overall title for the second year in a row. Can another academy stop them in 2020?

2019 December holiday camp

December 2019 saw the return of Little League Soccer holiday camps with a competition-filled 4-day event at The New Camp, Bandar Utama


2020 season kick off

The 2020 season kicked off in the first week of January with players eager to get back to training

2020 Weekend Friendly Series
2020 Weekend Friendly Series

Before the MCO stopped outdoor play, the 2020 Weekend Friendly Series returned for round 1 at Bandar Utama

See you again soon
See you again soon

Like you, we can’t wait to get back out on the field soon!