Parents Class

Train, learn and play just like your kids at the Little League Soccer Parents Class!

Designed to give you the same kind of fun training as your children in short, 30 minute sessions, our Parents Class are great for a quick, educational run-about on Sunday mornings at Endfield at The Club

RM25 per parent


Training Details

Join Little League Soccer's team of expert coaches on Sunday mornings at The Club in Bukit Utama for 30-minute Parents Football Classes!

Designed to give you an idea of what your children experience in our training sessions, the classes provide a mix of fun games and technical drills to make for a great workout.

Classes take place at Enfield at The Club in Bukit Utama

2 class times on Sunday mornings: 9:00–9:30am and 9:30–10:00am

Open to all Little League Soccer mums and dads. During CMCO, classes will be restricted to 10 players per field.

How much?
Classes cost RM25 per parent

Experience similar drills and exercises to your children