Soccer60 Podcast Episode 6: Chris Nathan

In episode 6 of the Soccer60 podcast, we talk to Coach Chris Nathan about helping players fulfil their true potential

Episode 6 of the Soccer60 Podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

This week, we talk to Coach Chris Nathan about his journey into coaching, moving to our sister club in Singapore, learning from a mentor, and helping players at all levels fulfil their potential.

Chris entered coaching almost by accident but quickly found a talent for teaching the game. After a few years working in Malaysia, he was given teh opportunity to join out sister club in Singapore where he cemented his position as a promising, up-and-coming coach that can help players take their game to the next level.

Now back in Malaysia with Little League Soccer he explains how he identifies talent and balances the ambitions and learning styles of all players in his team.

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Meet the Hosts

Soccer60 is hosted every week by Henry Choo and Andy Johnston. With Little League Soccer from almost the very beginning, Andy started as a coach with the company and has overseen the academy’s growth to 4 training centres across the Klang Valley and the introduction of the FC Kuala Lumpur elite programme.

Now managing director of Little League Soccer Malaysia, Andy is a former youth player for Southampton FC and has been coaching professionally for almost 20 years.

In Soccer60, Andy will provide insight into Little League’s ongoing projects, future ideas and coaching philiosophies while also quizzing guests on their coaching history and what makes them tick.

Soccer60 is anchored by Little League Soccer marketing manager and part-time stand-up comedian Henry Choo. Holding a bachelors degree in Mass Communication from the University of Hereford, Henry is in charge of much of the media produced by Little League and FC Kuala Lumpur.

As comfortable behind the mic as anyone, Henry will bring his sense of humour to the show in an attempt to draw the best stories, experiences and opinions from each week’s special guests.