Introducing Little League Soccer Club Rewards

Apr 1, 2021

Earn points for training and redeem them for merchandise, kit and classes!

You may have seen our teasers recently about revealing our new Club Rewards programme this week. Today, we’re pleased to announce that this April we’re rolling out our new Club Points system for all bookings made at!

The programme means you’ll earn Club Points for every purchase of a class, jersey or training camp on our website.

Points allow you to level up and unlock exclusive Little League gifts and can also be redeemed against any product on our store.

There are 5 ranks to achieve, with everyone starting out at ‘Grassroots’ before levelling up to ‘Semi-Pro’, ‘Professional’, ‘World Class’ and eventually ‘Little League Legend. Will you be the first to reach legendary status and unlock the exclusive Legends jersey? Get started today by booking a class or purchasing a kit at

You can find your Club Rewards status in the My Account section of our website or by clicking the button below.

Club Rewards Ranks

Level up with Little League Soccer


Club Points required: 1


Club Points required: 3,000


Club Points required: 8,000

*Unlock free gift

World Class

Club Points required: 14,000

*Unlock free gift


Club Points required: 20,000

*Unlock Legends jersey