KV United’s Charity Drive: An Eye-Opening Debut

by | 12 Jun 2018 | Recent News

Little League’s big brother, KV United, set out on their first charity initiative. What came out of that fateful Sunday afternoon was a clear eye-opener.

Don’t be fooled by the headline. This is definitely the first of many charity initiatives that KV United has set out to do, and the team’s first step for a good cause falls perfectly in line with the holy month of Ramadan.

Over the course of the month leading up to Ramadan, KV United set out fundraising games where players contribute RM40 for a match, and up to RM100 for 3 matches planned by Coach Shazwan and the team. An extra fundraising game was added during the month of Ramadan, and in total, KV United successfully raised RM2,660. For a team who have just started, it was an extremely impressive number.

Of the money spent, the team then decided, along with Mr. Manivannan, a well known friend of Coach Shazwan who helps out with the needy in Lembah Pantai, to hand out essentials to 20 families in PPR Kerinchi, a low-cost apartment in Bangsar South. With the money, the team bought essentials for Hari Raya such as rice, flour, oil, biscuits, and more. The week-long preparations led to Sunday, 10th of June 2018.

Along with members collected by Khalilul from padangbolasepak.com, the team started distributing at 12:30pm. Coincidentally, MP of Lembah Pantai, Fahmi Fadzil, was there for his own charity initiative. The team were lucky enough to have bumped into a figure of a powerful stature in the area, and couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off the drive.

There were a total of 5 blocks that had families in need, and the team climbed stairs, squeezed themselves into cramped elevators, and walked on narrow corridors to reach the family members that have been shortlisted by representatives of the low-cost apartment. But after seeing the conditions of some of the residences, carrying loads of bags filled with goods totalling 10–15 kg suddenly was the least of the team’s problems.

Of the 20 families that were given the essentials, all expressed their gratitudes, but there were those that really stood out. One of them, who had a handicapped son, was the first to have tears in her eyes once the goods were handed to her.

The other was an old lady who had a son who was not working, and had to be the breadwinner of the family. Her house were loaded with hampers from other initiatives from days before. However, that did not reflect the reality of her family. When asked what she was to do for Hari Raya, she tells the team that she spends her Raya holidays here, because of the rejection she has faced by her family. “Who wants people like us, who are in this state of poverty, to come back home?”

Tears flowed as an answer.

After the sobering reality that was PPR Kerinchi, the players and the team as a whole look refreshed, albeit tired from all the heavy lifting and climbing. It has definitely been an eye-opening charity initiative, and Coach Shazwan was very appreciative to those who have helped KV United out, all the way from the charity fundraisers, to the handing out of gifts.

Coach Shazwan also points out that while there is more to come in terms of KV United giving back to society, he really hopes that others will follow suit and give to those in need, regardless if it is during Ramadan or not, as there are a lot who could do with a helping hand.    


KV United FC and all of us at Little League Soccer would like to take this opportunity to thank those involved, especially padangbolasepak.com, who has been pivotal in making this initiative a success!