Outdoor training returns on Saturday 20th February

Feb 17, 2021

Following a month-long break, Little League Soccer outdoor training can return in a limited capacity this weekend!

In line with the Sports Ministry’s new SOPs for group training released on 16th February, non-contact outdoor classes will restart on Saturday 20th February at The New Camp (7–16 year olds) and Endfield at The Club (3–6 year olds). The sessions will follow strict SOPs with a maximum of 10 players per class.

The group training SOPs include social distancing of 3 metres or more between players and allow for individual training drills only. As such, our pitches will be divided into areas with players confined to their allocated section of the field.

Classes this weekend will run at the following times and venues. Click ‘Book now’ below to secure your spot at a training session.

Enfield at The Club


9:00am at Endfield at The Club | 👉  Book now

Under 6

8:00am at Endfield at The Club | 👉  Book now


The New Camp, Bandar Utama

Under 8

8:00am at The New Camp | 👉  Book now

Under 10

9:00am at The New Camp | 👉  Book now

Under 12

9:00am at The New Camp | 👉  Book now

Under 14

9:00am at The New Camp | 👉  Book now

Under 16

9:00am at The New Camp | 👉  Book now

Monthly Pass Holder?

Monthly Training Pass Holders from January may use available credits towards classes in February. Please contact us for more details about redeeming credits