Saying Farewell to Coach Filipe

28 Sep 2018 | Coach Filipe, Recent News

As Little League Soccer prepares to say goodbye to long time head of development Filipe Melicias Goncalves, we sit down with the coach to look back on his time with the company and discuss his highlights in Malaysia

They say all good things must come to an end, and this October Little League Soccer is sadly saying goodbye to outgoing head of development, Coach Filipe.

Having moved to Malaysia in 2012, Filipe joined Little League Soccer as head coach and quickly set about developing players in both the weekend and the elite sessions.

“When I joined we had just 60 players,” Filipe remembers of his time coaching at Little League in Melawati. Now the company has centres in four locations with elite teams at every age group from Under 8 to Under 16 plus midweek training at Setia Alam and Melawati. The growth has been huge, and Coach Filipe has had a large hand in helping not just the company to expand, but in helping our players fulfil their potential too.

Coach Filipe talks about his highlights with Little League Soccer and FC Kuala Lumpur

Leaving an impression

“It’s been an amazing experience,” Filipe says. “Obviously I’m sad to be leaving but when I look back I’m very happy with how I’ve developed personally and professionally.” The football scene has changed greatly in Filipe’s six years here, too, and the coach leaves a very different youth football landscape than the one he arrived to in 2012.

Personal highlights for Filipe include the expansion of FC Kuala Lumpur, and the establishment of both the KL Junior League and the KL Cup.

“For the KL Cup we started with just a small number of academies in 2016 and this year we had almost 100 participating teams so I’m very proud of that.”

Parting words

From October 2018, Coach Filipe will return to Portugal, handing the Little League development reins over to Coach Mark. But he won’t be forgetting his colleagues and experiences in Malaysia any time soon.

“What I take is a little bit of knowledge from everyone I dealt with in this country and in this company,” he says. “For the staff my advice is very simple – keep working hard, keep helping players develop.”

“For the players: all I’ve ever asked of my players, and all I’ll ask of the Little League players in the future, is to give 100 per cent. Always give your best and don’t give up your dreams; continue fighting for your dreams.”


From everyone here at Little League Soccer, we thank Coache Filipe for his service and wish him the best of luck on his return to Portugal!


Some of our favourite shots from Coach Filipe’s time with Little League Soccer