Weekly Football Round-Up: 18th June 2018

18 Jun 2018 | Recent News

This week, we bring you all the stories from the FIFA World Cup! We’ve got quite a line up for all, from spies, the thunder clap and near death experiences!

1. Mexico’s World Cup Goal Caused A Man-Made Earthquake

When we talk football fans, we expect them to cause an uproar, but to do that to a certain magnitude?

Now that’s new. 

Source: New York Magazine

2. Watch Iceland Goalkeeper Hannes Haldorsson’s Ad for Coca-Cola!

FYI: The 34 year-old stopper is a film director by trade, and is only a part time goalkeeper!

Source: Coca Cola YouTube

3. Thiago Silva Almost Died in Russia

Thiago Silva was signed to Dinamo Moscow when he was 20, and he almost died from tuberculosis there. 13 years on, he’s back in Russia for a shot at redeeming himself.

Source: FourFourTwo

4. South Korea’s Way to Deal with a Swedish Spy

Hint: It required a lot of swapping of jerseys, and according to their coach, it’s because they all “look the same”.

Source: Business Insider

5. Iceland’s Thunderclap is borrowed from… Scotland?!

Rumor has it that you can also trace it back to France.

Source: SB Nation