Weekly Football Round-Up: 25th June 2018

25 Jun 2018 | Recent News

This week’s edition of the round-up will bring you a bit of the blunders, a bit of color, and a bit of the feel good factor in this World Cup!

1. Senegal’s warm-up routine requires dancing shoes!

Well, not literally. They still have their boots on.

Their warm-up game, however, will be one to remember for this World Cup!

Source: Mashable

2. De Gea has not made any saves in this World Cup

He may be the best in the world, but hasn’t shown that in this World Cup, and the stats don’t lie!

Source: AS

3. Japan and Senegal fans pick up rubbish after their games

We only wish this was replicated everywhere around the world! Kudos to you, Japanese and Senegalese supporters!

Source: SB Nation

4. Panama commentators get emotional at their national anthem in the World Cup

One day, when Malaysia makes it to the World Cup, expect the same wave of emotions. Hopefully, they’ll be captured!

Source: JOE.CO.UK

5. Panama fans go crazy after their first World Cup goal

It doesn’t matter if you’re down by 6 goals against one of the best teams in the world.

It matters when your country gets their first goal in the World Cup!

Source: Copa 90