Weekly Football Round-Up: 27th August 2018

27 Aug 2018 | Recent News

This week, we share what goes on during a VAR decision, why a Far East player snubbed Chelsea, and to what extent Liverpool will go to obtain their 19th title!

1. Michael Owen: “For me, it was turmoil”

From winning a Ballon d’Or in 2001 to retiring as a Stoke City bench-warmer, Michael Owen opens up about his footballing career.

Source: BBC

2. Liverpool hire throw-in specialist coach

To think, every Liverpool fan’s annual mantra is “It’s our year”, that Jurgen Klopp has decided to scrutinise every aspect of the game – including throw-ins!

Source: Mirror UK

3. Romanian coach gets sent off for fouling opposing player

The real question is, did the coach get the ball or the player?

Source: Simply Football YouTube

4. Yoshinori Muto: The Japanese-English Premier League dream

With Far East players having plenty of obstacles to get into the Premier League, Yoshinori Muto chose to snub Chelsea’s offer of life on the bench for Newcastle United. 

Talk about a Captain Tsubasa-esque story.

Source: Telegraph

5. Behind the scenes: VAR

What we see is the decision made, but what we don’t see is how it gets called.

Here’s one recorded from the FA Cup final a few months ago.

Source: Twitter