Weekly Football Round-Up: 9th July 2018

9 Jul 2018 | Recent News

Whether it’s coming home, going home, or heading home, it’s time for another go at the Weekly Football Round-Up!

1. They’re heading home!

Over the week we found out about Wild Boars Football Club, a young football team who have been stuck in Tham Luang cave in Thailand for 12 days.

Rescue efforts are ongoing, and almost half the team have been rescued! Here’s to more good news later in the week!

Source: The Guardian

2. It’s coming home!

The headline says it all! England are hopeful after they booked themselves into the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup.

How crazy has this been for the nation? It’s all summed up in one video!

Source: The Guardian

3. France has the biggest World Cup export

Believe it or not, France doesn’t only produce stars for their own country.

Source: Vox

4. Kazan is the graveyard of World Cup Champions

It has all be cemented right after Brazil became the latest victim in the Kazan Arena

Source: Reuters

5. Neymar is a meme star!

We all know of his antics in the World Cup, so much that it’s become a challenge of its own!

Source: Youtube