What are the new football SOPs? A look at the KBS guidelines

Sep 29, 2021

Football’s SOPs and what Little League is┬ádoing for a safe return to training

Little League Soccer returned to training in the Klang Valley on Saturday 18th September under the latest guidelines and SOPs issued by the Ministry of Sport. But what do those SOPs actually say about contact and group sports in Malaysia?

We look at the relevant KBS extract and highlight what Little League Soccer is doing to further pave the way for a safe return to football.

Aktiviti atau latihan sukan dan rekreasi bersentuhan atau tidak bersentuhan fizikal secara berkumpulan TERHAD bagi individu telah MELENGKAPKAN VAKSINASI yang dilakukan secara terkawal DENGAN kawalan penyeliaan adalah tertakluk kepada 50% kapasiti penggunaan/ kawasan atau tidak melebihi 50 orang dalam satu-satu masa termasuk jurulatih/ instruktur/ ibu bapa (mana-mana yang lebih rendah). Individu yang telah menerima vaksinasi lengkap juga dibenarkan membawa anak-anak berusia 17 tahun dan ke bawah bagi aktiviti atau latihan tersebut dengan pematuhan SOP yang ketat.

Group contact or non-physical contact or non-contact sports and recreational activities or training for individuals who have COMPLETED VACCINATION performed in a controlled manner WITH supervisory control is subject to 50% utilisation capacity/ area or not more than 50 people at a time including coaches/ instructors/ parent (whichever is lower). Individuals who have received a complete vaccination are also allowed to bring children 17 years of age and under for such activities or training in strict compliance with SOPs.

Click here to see the full SOPs, dated 17th September 2021

As indicated in the extract above, under KBS guidelines, training and contact matches are allowed for adults who have been fully vaccinated as well as children below the age of 17 when accompanied by said adults.

In addition to the requirements of parents being fully vaccinated, all children being accompanied by an adult, and everyone checking in with MySejahtera, Little League Soccer has implemented a number of other measures to make our return to training as safe as possible.

  • All coaches and Little League admin staff on duty are fully vaccinated and are past the 14 days since their second dose
  • All coaches are tested for Covid-19 every Friday
  • Pre-booking is required for all sessions allowing us to control class and group size
  • Sessions are currently planned to avoid deliberate contact between players (ie no 1v1 drills, no matches, no tackling)

Click here to see our latest training SOPs

We understand and respect that not all parents are ready to bring their children back to football, however we believe we are doing our utmost to make the return as safe and enjoyable as possible and look forward to seeing more and more kids back at our sessions soon!