Youth football training in Kuala Lumpur returns on 18th September

Sep 15, 2021

Training to resume at The New Camp, The Club and Ardence Arena this Saturday

Yes, you read that title correctly – Little League Soccer training is returning this Saturday 18th September at The New Camp, The Club and Ardence Arena!

Interested in getting back on the field? Please see a couple of important points about our updated SOPs below before clicking ‘Book now‘ below.


To begin, training will return at The New Camp, The Club and Eco Ardence only. Our UM centre is still currently closed as we finalise reopening procedures with the university.

Unfortunately our Melawati centre also remains closed while external activities are not allowed at the former ISKL campus.

In the meantime we invite all regular UM and Melawati players to join us at The New Camp (7–16 year olds) or The Club (3–6 year olds) in Bandar Utama, or at Ardence Arena (4–16 year olds) in Setia Alam.


Updated SOPs

A full rundown of our updated training and venue SOPs can be found here, however there are a few essential points to note before booking a class:
  1. All coaches and Little League admin staff on duty are fully vaccinated and are past the 14 days since their second dose
  2. All children attending sessions must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent or guardian
  3. Children may be accompanied by 1 parent/guardian only
  4. Parents/guardians must remain at the field at all times throughout the training session
  5. For entry into the venue, parents’ MySejahtera status must be ‘Low Risk, No Symptom’ and ‘Fully Vaccinated’


Classes can be booked on our website at or by clicking the button below.