Kickstart toddler football training in Kuala Lumpur

New programme for 3 & 4 year olds

Kickstart Training for Toddlers

Join Coach Andy and his son Damian for special 30-minute ‘introduction to football’ classes for 3 and 4 year olds! Classes take place on Sunday mornings at the brand new Endfield pitch at The Club at Bukit Utama.

IMPORTANT: during CMCO, football training is limited to a maximum of 10 children per pitch. We will run 2 Kickstart sessions: 9:00–9:30am for Beginner/Intermediate players, and 9:30–10:00am for Advanced players.

RM25 per class


Programme Details

Join Coach Andy and his son Damian for special 30-minute classes for 3 and 4 year olds!

Taking place on Sunday mornings at the brand new Endfield pitch at The Club at Bukit Utama, our Kickstart sessions are designed to introduce the basics of football in a fun, encouraging environment suitable for toddlers. The classes will take advantage of the new space at Endfield with stations set up for parents and children to play and learn together.

Players will follow along as Coach Andy and Damian demonstrate the skills, games and exercises in the middle of the field, while parents are encouraged not just to supervise but to get involved as well!

Sessions last 30 minutes and are available at 3 time slots: 8:30–9:00am for beginner players; 9:00–9:30am for intermediate players and 9:30–10:00am for advanced players. Not sure which class your child should attend? Click here for our guide.

Please note, all Little League Soccer classes must be pre-booked online.

Football training for toddlers in Kuala Lumpur

Classes to Suit All Abilities

As the Kickstart programme has grown, the need to provide different levels of training for our 3 and 4 year olds has become apparent. As with all ages, not all toddlers respond well to the same level of training. As such, starting Sunday 20th September, Kickstart sessions will be split into 3 ability-based classes.

Please see our guide below to help determine which class is best for your child.

Beginners: 8:30–9:00am

Who should attend?

First timers, young 3 year olds and those not used to attending sports sessions or school. These sessions will be designed to introduce the participants to the concept of following the coach’s instructions for 30 minutes. The drills will generally start off without a football involved and introduce that once the participants have a grasp of the concept. Heavy parental involvement is to be expected.

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Intermediate: 9:00–9:30am

Who should attend?

First time 4 year olds and more experienced 3 year olds. These sessions will look to involve much more ball contact and will start to introduce different ways to move the football. Participants in these sessions should be able to follow instructions only requiring parents to step in periodically to correct or explain more difficult concepts.

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Advanced: 9:30–10:00am

Who should attend?

More experienced 4 year olds and those comfortable with the concept of playing football for 30 minutes. The sessions will introduce different concepts of football such as passing, shooting and dribbling and will start to teach basic skill techniques. Occasionally short, small sided matches will be played. Participants should require no parental involvement.

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The Venue

Endfield at The Club @ Bukit Utama


Kickstart sessions take place at the brand new Endfield pitch located at The Club @ Bukit Utama. The field can be accessed from the Bandar Utama entrance to The Club and is on your left as your drive through the entry gate.

Parking spaces are available at street level or in the underground car park.