Coach Jon’s Top 5 Dribbling Skills

Get past your opponents with Coach Jon's five favourite dribbling skills – from the shoulder feint to the rainbow flick

One of the best things in football is seeing a player dribble past his opponent, it’s even better when the player does it with cheeky skill. Here are Coach Jon’s top five personal favourite dribbling skills that you can learn and try in your next game!

1. The Body Feint/Shoulder Drop

Often used by players like Lionel Messi, the body feint/shoulder drop is a very easy and effective skill that can be used time and time again to beat your opponent.

It’s a dummy move where you trick your opponent by dropping your shoulder and quickly changing direction to send the defender the wrong way!

Here, Coach Nidhal takes you through the mechanics of the move.

2. The Stepover/Scissors

For the second skill, we have the stepover! One of the coolest looking skills that almost looks like you’re having a little dance with the ball.

When performed with speed, defenders have no chance as you glide from left to right. Similar to the body feint, this move is also about changing direction quickly and putting the defender off balance!

3. The Ronaldo Chop

The skill is all about speed! When performed right, defenders have very little time to get close to you before you zoom past them.

The first thing to do is bring the ball to one side and draw the defender close to you. Once he’s caught in your trap, flick the ball to the other side and push the ball beyond the defender.

4. The 360 Roulette

This skill is for the players who have great composure with the ball and good balance. Defenders are left walking in circles after you’ve spun around them with the ball!

This skill is great in tight spaces and gives you a chance to beat your opponent while also providing good ball protection as you naturally shield the ball with your back to the defender.

5. The Rainbow Flick

Saving the best for last with the famous rainbow flick – definitely the most challenging of all the skills in this list but arguably the most satisfying way to beat your opponent!

This skill is all about timing and technique, and it will take some time to learn. However, keep practicing, and once you have this skill in your arsenal, there’s no denying that you will have the ultimate tekkers!

Start off with learning how to flick it stationary before progressing on with Coach Chris’ video below.

Now that you’ve gone through Coach Jon’s top five, why not give the skills a shot at home? Before you know it you’ll be the most skilful player on the pitch!

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