March Topic of the Month: Passing

Get ready to pick out your teammates like Kevin de Bruyne with our focus on passing for the month of March

Introduced at the beginning of 2020, the Little League Soccer Topic of the Month provides a basic framework and goals for each month’s training sessions. Instead of progressing to a new topic each week, player will be given more of a chance to master football’s fundamental skills and techniques throughout the month.

In February, training sessions centred around ball mastery, with players at all age groups practising their ball control, dribbling and footwork. This month, the focus turns to passing.

All sessions in March will aim to improve Little Leaguers’ distribution skills, from basic short passing for the younger ages and at the beginning of the month, moving to lofted, driven and curled techniques for the more advanced players towards the end of the month.

Coaches will then be looking for players to demonstrate their new techniques in the Weekend Friendly Series at the end of the month.

Weekly Assignments

Each Friday, one of our Little League Soccer head coaches will introduce the weekend’s training plan on our Instagram page @littleleaguesoccermy

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Key Learning Points

By the end of the month, players should be familiar with the following concepts:


Scan your surroundings for options before receiving the ball


Give a present, not a problem ensure your pass is easy to control


Move the ball quickly to keep it away from the opposition

Weekend Friendly Series

Put your passing skills to the test at the March Weekend Friendly Series!

Date: 28th March (U6–U10) & 29th March (U12–U16)

Venue: Ardence Arena, Eco Ardence, Setia Alam


Skill School Archive

Practise your techniques at home with these passing videos from our Skill School YouTube series