Top reasons to join the FC Kuala Lumpur trials!

Why join the FC Kuala Lumpur trials at The New Camp, Bandar Utama? Here are our best reasons to try out for Little League’s elite FCKL set-up

As a new season beckons for our elite FC Kuala Lumpur teams, the club is actively looking for more talented players to bolster their charge for glory!

Are you the missing puzzle piece? The only way to find out is to join the FC Kuala Lumpur trials. Happening from now until September, the trials are your best chance to impress the elite coaches and earn a spot to play in the AirAsia KL Junior League and other events and tournaments.

Here are a few things you need to know about the club, and why we think talented players should come along for the trials!


Train at the best facilities

At FC Kuala Lumpur, the club strives for the best to produce the best. Train at The New Camp, Bandar Utama, on an artificial turf pitch under the floodlights, which is conducive for any time of the year (that includes the Malaysian weather factor!).

Join the FC Kuala Lumpur elite youth soccer trials

Don the red and black!

Other than the training facilities, FC Kuala Lumpur wants to prepare future football superstars with the most professional setting possible, even if it’s really small elements like kits! All FCKL players have a set of training kits, along with the home and away match jerseys!

With a creative team bolstering the squad, you can be assured that every picture or video taken of you during game day includes a lot of swagger, partly from the kits and your skills on the pitch!

Work with the best youth soccer coaches at FC Kuala Lumpur

Play in the AirAsia KL Junior League!

Joining FC Kuala Lumpur also means joining the biggest youth football tournament in Malaysia, the AirAsia KL Junior League. With 2019 Season B kicking off in September, it’s about time you come in for trials!

Train and play at The New Camp with FC Kuala Lumpur

Travel abroad!

At FC Kuala Lumpur, everyone is taught to aim high. Much so that being local champions is not the only target, but to create a name outside as well! Players stand a chance to play in major tournaments around the world, including the likes of the JSSL 7s in Singapore, the BSS Tournament in Thailand, and even the Iber Cup in Portugal!

Find your full youth soccer potential at FC Kuala Lumpur

Train with the best coaches!

At FC Kuala Lumpur, players get the chance to train under coaches with various levels of regional certifications and experience. Under the guidance of general manager Shazwan Wong and technical director Gareth Davies, the coaching team is always striving to utilise the best, most up-to-date youth football training methods.

Join the KV United semi professional soccer team with FC Kuala Lumpur

Recognise your potential!

With the emphasis on development to an elite level, the concept of putting in the reps is very important. FC Kuala Lumpur provides just that with 3 training sessions every week, ensuring that the best can be showcased on the pitch!

Join the KV United semi professional soccer team with FC Kuala Lumpur

Trials run all June and July

So what are you waiting for? Join FC Kuala Lumpur at The New Camp, Bandar Utama today!