Weekend Friendly Series returns on 19th December

After more than a year, Little League's inter-academy friendly matches are back this December!

Been missing proper matches at the end of each month? The Weekend Friendly Series is back this December! Little League Soccer’s monthly in-house tournament will return for the first time since September 2020 and we can’t wait to kick off.

The event will take place on Sunday 19th December and, as with our previous edition, the matches will be divided across 3 venues to aid in social distancing. But players will still get the opportunity to put their new skills into practice against peers from other Little League Soccer training centres.

Watch: Weekend Friendly Series 2019 Highlights


The December Weekend Friendly Series will take place at the following central venues. All events will run from 8:00–9:00am with participants playing in tournament-style matches throughout the morning.

How do I register?

To register for the Weekend Friendly Series, simply book a training session at Endfield, The New Camp or UM Park (depending on your age group) and select ‘Sunday 19 December (Friendly Matches)’ for your Training Date.

All December Monthly Pass holders will be automatically registered for the event.

Do I have to attend Little League training to join?

While the Weekend Friendly Series is designed to allow Little League players to put their training into practice in friendly matches, the December edition is open to any players who book a session on Sunday 19th December.

For new players, we’d recommend also booking a traiuning session on Saturday 18th December to familiarise yourself with our coaches and the friendly match venue. You can book a class at any training centre at www.littleleague.my/book


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