Weekend Friendly Series returns to Melawati in October

17 Oct 2018 | Weekend Friendly Series

Round 7 of the Weekend Friendly Series takes players to the former ISKL campus in Melawati on Sunday 28 October. Please note the change of day to Sunday for this round

This 28 October, the Weekend Friendly Series heads to the home of Little League Soccer Melawati – the former ISKL Elementary campus on Jalan Taman Melawati. Moving to Sunday for this round, the event will bring together players from all Little League Soccer centres for a morning of fun friendly matches.

As at the last round, to ensure we kick off on time, we’re asking everyone to arrive 30 minutes before the schedule start time this round so please be there early! For 4–10 year olds that means arrival at 7:30am; for 11–16 year olds, please make sure you are at the field by 8:40am ready for your 9am start.

The venue

Round 7 of the Weekend Friendly Series heads back to the grass field of the former ISKL Elementary campus at Jalan Melawati 3, Taman Melawati (please note: searching ISKL Melawati on Google Maps or Waze now redirects to the new campus. Please search for Sekolah Antarabangsa Jalan Melawati 3 instead).

With a stunning backdrop of Bukit Tabur and the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge, the campus will provide an impressive location for the Little League teams.

Map: Former ISKL Campus at Jalan Melawati 3, Melawati

Weekend Friendly Series Round 7

Venue: Former ISKL Elementary Campus, Jalan Melawati 3, Melawati

Date: Sunday 28 October (note the revised day)

4–10 year olds: 7:30–9:00am
11–16 year olds: 8:30–10:00am

Please note, the Weekend Friendly Series will replace training sessions at all Little League centres on Sunday 28 October