Fun monthly football matches for all Little League Soccer players
The Weekend Friendly Series is Little League Soccer’s monthly in-house tournament. Featuring matches between all four Little League Soccer academies in Malaysia, the event aims to give all our players the chance to experience real matches in a fun, supportive environment.

Taking place on the last Saturday of every month, the Series is hosted by each academy on a rotation basis, meaning Little Leaguers get a chance to play at different venues around the Klang Valley.

Interested in joining the Weekend Friendly Series? The event is free for all registered Little League Soccer players! Sign up here

The results

Though the Weekend Friendly Series has always been intended as a fun event, we feel it’s important for our players to have something to strive for. That’s why, since round 4 in July 2018, we’ve been keeping track of Under 8 to Under 16 results and stats that help show us where everyone stands.

The prize at the end of the series? Well, the winning academy will earn the rights to host the November finals at their own pitch, and will get to wear a commemorative patch on their jerseys for the 2019 season!

So which academy is leading the competition? Scroll down for the full Series statistics and tables!


Scroll down for the full Weekend Friendly Series statistics


The Series in Numbers

Total matches played, goals scored and number of participating teams from the Weekend Friendly Series since Round 4 in July 2018

Participating teams

Matches played

Goals scored

Win Percentage

We’ve calculated the win percentage of all academies at the Weekend Friendly Series since Round 4. This figure takes into account scores from Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 matches

  • Eco Ardence Football Academy 51%
  • Little League Melawati 44%
  • Little League Bandar Utama 38%
  • Little League Universiti Malaya 17%

Overall Standings

The table below compiles the full standings, sorted by Points Per Game (PPG) – the main stat we’ll use to track the academies’ progress through the Weekend Friendly Series. Heading into the final event, Eco Ardence Football Academy maintain their position atop the table with Melawati and Bandar Utama running neck and neck in second and third.

Weekend Friendly Series Standings

PosTeamWin %PPG

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